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Comprehensive Wealth Management

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Life changes over time. So it is important you have a plan that is designed to be flexible with it. A plan that is meant to bend but will not break. Let our team of professionals help you create a plan that helps bring you closer to your goals.

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Financial Professionals

Totem Wealth Management boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced financial professionals who specialize in managing the wealth of individuals and businesses alike. Their deep knowledge and understanding of various financial strategies, investment vehicles, and market trends can provide invaluable guidance in growing and preserving your wealth.

With a bespoke approach, we strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment where you feel at home. We work to foster trust and open communication in discussing your financial needs.

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Let’s create a personalized financial plan

Financial Planning

Work closely with a wealth management advisor to assess the your current financial situation, understand your aspirations, and create a roadmap to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Investment Management

Strategic selection, monitoring, and adjustment of investments with the aim of growing and preserving your wealth over time.

401k/Employer Plan Creation

Establish a retirement savings plan that meets legal requirements, offers suitable investment options,

Charitable Giving

Navigate the complexities of 401(k) plans and optimize your retirement savings efforts.

Tax Strategies

Minimize your tax burdens, preserve more of your investment returns, and maximize the growth of your wealth over time.

Legacy Planning

Careful consideration of estate planning, asset protection, and philanthropic goals to ensure a smooth transition of wealth.

Business Planning

Empowering individuals to make informed decisions, implement effective strategies, and optimize their financial and career performance.

Risk Management & Insurance Planning

Protect the financial well-being of individuals and families by mitigating risks and providing a safety net against potential losses.

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Our Planning Process

We provide tailored guidance and follow through on our commitments. As a CFP fiduciary, our clients’ best interests are our top priority at all times.


Unpack & Assess

We collect specific information regarding your goals and current financial situation to assess your financial standing.

Strategize & Plan

Together we create a strategic financial plan that caters to your short and long-term goals; both financial and personal.

Implement & Monitor

Establish frequent touch points to revisit the plan and monitor our progress toward your goals.

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Meet The Founder

Salvador Perez

Totem Wealth Management

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Let’s create a personalized financial plan

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